Pricing and FAQs


What is the Shop Helena Coworking space? The Shop Helena is a shared office space designed to promote collaboration and creativity. You have all the office amenities without working in isolation.

Where is it? We are located in the heart of downtown Helena on Last Chance Gulch. We have an entrance on Last Chance Gulch and a rear entrance down the alley where all the parking is located. For handicap accessible, use the rear entrance. Our address is 614 N. Last Chance Gulch, Helena, MT 59601

Who uses it? People who work as independent contractors or consultants or people who telecommute for companies enjoy having a workspace that relieves the isolation of working at home, but eliminates the distractions that come with a home office or coffee shop. Shared office space is also great for small businesses with only 1 or 2 employees. You get all the office amenities for much less than renting a full office alone.

How much does it cost? We have both reserved and unreserved desk memberships. A reserved desk membership means you have a dedicated work space where you can leave your items. You will have 24/7 access to the space. Unreserved desk memberships are a first come first served basis. You must take your belongings home with you at the end of each day. We have three levels of unreserved desk membership allowing for three different amounts of access. We also offer day and week rates for people traveling.

What kind of office amenities do you offer? We offer a conference room, Classroom, high speed Wifi, free parking, kitchen and lounge area, as well as a copier and printer area.

Can I bring my children or pets? We adore children and our furry friends, but in the interest of maintaining a professional environment for all members and guests, we cannot allow children or pets.

What makes us different? The Shop Helena provides use of the classroom and conference rooms for free (unless previously scheduled). You have no limit on the numbers of copies or pages printed, and you can bring in your own food and drink. There is no registration fee to sign up and multiple membership options are available without a commitment as well as daily and weekly rates for people traveling.

Questions? Email or call 406-616-3877

How do I sign up? Fill out the Membership form located on the link below or scroll down to see the membership form.